Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My PBs/PRs

So I suppose it would be interesting to share my PBs for various distances. The biggest competitor we face as runners is ourselves. The next biggest competitor is the clock. So here, in all their numerical glory, are my PBs.
1km - 3mins 20secs
2kms - 7mins 00secs
5kms - 19mins 10secs
10kms - 39mins (ish... haven't done a 10km race in so long that I can't actually remember my pb. Its such a brutal distance)
Half-marathon  - 1hour 32mins 12secs
Marathon - 3hours 32mins 24 secs
and... my one and only completed ultra Yurrebilla Trail Ultra (56km) - 6hours 36mins

So there it is! Some of my times are better than others. What do you think?